Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is truly the modern day telephone system or PBX.  Most offices run on a PBX which is the switch or device that handles the incoming calls for an office.  A PBX is programmed to in many ways direct call traffic.   The modern PBX is hosted up in the world wide web where you gain more features, remote management, and have easier upgrades.   These are telephone systems that use IP telephony.

IP Telephony

IP telephony is the new standard of communications using Digital Voice Lines™ which cost significantly less then traditional copper phone lines and give you many more capabilities.  A hosted PBX system using VOIP (IP telephony) or Voice Over IP is how we are able to have a pure unified communication system.  Todays Office Phone System rivals systems that just years ago cost up-wards of $50,000 dollars but now for a lower up front cost you get the power that use to be just for big corporate companies.

Hosted PBX means

Hosted means the hardware and software are “hosted” in the cloud at an office site location. These means you most often have redundant power, redundant connections, and have a phone system even if those things are lost locally.  Therefore you can direct calls almost instantly to a new phone almost anywhere in the world.

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX gives you power to use things like Mobile Voip APPs keeping you connected to your office and allowing you to make calls out on your company phone line.  This gives you the power to keep your life private no longer giving out your cell number often considered to be one of the best features of the Hosted PBX system.

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Hosted PBX